Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Powder eyebrows -
perfect color and shape in 2 hours!

Powdered Eyebrows

This is the trend of the recent years and an innovative branch of permanent makeup. To achieve the effect of a soft shadow, the pigment is sprayed on layer by layer. You can achieve both a more pronounced decorative effect and a more light one. Beautiful, thick powdered eyebrows look well-groomed and natural.
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Powdered Eyebrows
Initial treatment
Touch-up (1-3 months)
Touch-up (3-12 months)
1+ year touch-up
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Before and After Examples
Several months after the procedure

How does the procedure go?

I meet you, find out your preferences. I suggest the best option according to your type of face, skin and hair.
Perfect Shape and Color
I select the perfect color, draw the new contour and shape of the eyebrows. Carefully work out the lines and details.
Carrying out the procedure
I carry out the procedure according to the standards and technology, in a quiet atmosphere.
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