Empire Beauty

Permanent Makeup Studio
Powdered Eyebrows
For those who wants to follow the newest trends and emphasize natural beauty!
Natural Lips
Beautiful shape, wanted volume and color of lips. You will look amazing and irresistible!
Don't waste your time on makeup, be luxurious even early in the morning!

6 Reasons to Get Permanent Makeup

  • 1
    Perfect Look in any Situation
    Does not wash off with water (shower, pool, sauna), does not smear
  • 2
    Emphasizes Natural Beauty
    Naturalness is trending
  • 3
    Hides all Flaws in Appearance
    You will have perfect contours and shapes
  • 4
    Saves Time
    There is no need to waste time on makeup every morning
  • 5
    Saves from Skin Irritation
    Solves the problem of clogged pores and skin irritation from decorative cosmetics.
  • 6
    Lasts up to 2 Years
    You can forget about buying makeup for 1-2 years
Save Time
and Look Gorgeous

100% Warranty
on All Kinds of Work

To get the perfect shape, first I draw a sketch, coordinating it with You, carefully work out the details, and only after that I proceed to the work. In the procedures, I use only premium quality materials. I guarantee that you will be satisfied!

Olga Zabarova
Founder of Empire Beauty Studio
  • Permanent makeup master
  • Over 5000 procedures
  • Judge of the Dore Beauty Award 2021 Conference
  • Speaker of the international conference on permanent makeup WULOP 2022
  • Sponsor of the international conference on permanent makeup WULOP 2021
  • Creator of a unique technique "Softline eyebrows"

"My credo:
An Experienced Master + High Quality Materials = Successful Business.

I want every woman to feel beautiful, confident and desired. I am a perfectionist and a constant learner, stubborn and hard-working. I always care about the welfare of my clients and use only the best products in my practice. See you in Empire Beauty!"