Softline eyebrows, natural lips and lash enhancement

The Art of Permanent Makeup Soft Shading Techniques


Perfect For Beginners

No prior experience or licensing is required to take this course. Perfect for newcomers to the industry of beauty.
The expert of Empire Beauty studio give you all of her experience in a training format that is 100% convenient for you!

We will be a good fit for you if you are

Looking for an opportunity to start a business and gain financial freedom
working as independent master technicians

Interested in starting your career in the fast growing cosmetic tattoo industry by working
in a prestigious highly paid beauty salon
Currently working in the beauty industry with desire to gain skills in PMU and multiply your income
Our Fundamentals Training is Designed to Prepare you for Success in the Following Skills

Why you should study in the
Empire Beauty studio

  • 1
    Get certified immediately upon successful completion of the 90-hour course.
  • 2
    Get Equipped for Your Own Clients
    Receive a kit that includes everything you need to start working with your own clients.
  • 3
    Receive Help with Licenses for Work
    You will receive help with a Tattoo Permit. You will receive help with bloodborne pathogen certification.
  • 4
    Practice of Every Zone on a Live Model
    Allows you to feel more confident carrying out the procedures. Includes practice on 7 live models.
  • 5
    Individual Attention
    Small class size allows the instructor to spend time with every student, answer any questions, and revisit topics as required.
  • 6
    Training Materials & Mentoring
    We take care of our clients' time. Just call us and we will help you with all the questions. Consulatation and support for up to 12 months.

Private Practice on a Model Under Supervision

You will work out 7 live models:
  • 3 models for the eyebrows
  • 2 models for the lips (natural and lipstick)
  • 2 models for eyelash enhancement
Your Professional Kit will Include
  • Rotary Tattoo Machine (we include a simple, yet very good quality rotary tattoo machine, that we think is the best option to use at the beginning of your PMU career)
  • Pigment Kit
  • Manual book
  • Writing Supplies for Making Notes During the Class
  • Access to videos of work on every zone. Useful to refresh the technique right before the procedure.

Meet the Founder & Instructor at
Empire Beauty studio

Olga Zabarova

  • Permanent makeup artist, licensed to teach in the US
  • Author of her own Microblading & Powder Effect techniques
  • Degree in Arts
  • Work experience in the US and Russia (Moscow)
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • Learned from best artists of the world
Course Overview
Intensive PMU fundamentals beginners course.
Small groups of up to 3 people.
Before the Course
2 weeks before the start of basic training, you will start getting homework assignments. The homework will be completed by you and sent to the instructor.
Day 1
Intro into PMU Profession
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Consultations and Record-Keeping Protocols
  • Eyebrow Design
  • Lips Shaping
  • Eye Shaping
  • Pigment and Equipment Selection
  • Needles Analysis
  • Stroke Types
Day 2
Digital Machine Shading Practice
  • Color Theory in Skin Tones and Undertones
  • Hand Stance for Stroke
  • Stroke Practice on Latex
  • Practice Sketching in a Manual Book
  • Overlaying an Old Tattoo
  • Work with Scars
  • Stoke Practice on Latex
Day 3
Powder Brows
  • Client Profiling Technique
  • Cosmetic tattoo station setup
  • Demonstration work – Powder Brows technique
  • Skin Anatomy and Depth Skin stretching technique
  • Students practice on Live Model – Powder Brows
  • Antiseptic and safe cleaning protocol after the procedure
Day 4
Lip Blush
  • Anatomy of Lips
  • Lip Blush Technique
  • Anesthetic Work Up
  • Full Procedure Overview
  • Client Interaction Procedure completion on Live Model – Lip Blush
Day 5
Eyelash Enhancement and Classic Eyeliner
  • Anatomy of Eyes
  • Eyelash Enhancement Technique
  • Numbing Process
  • Full Procedure Overview Practice on Live Model – Eyelash Enhancement and Classic Eyeliner
Day 6
  • Building your Business
  • State Compliance
  • Beginner Artist & Client Philosophy. How to Build a Good Reputation
  • Group Critique and Growth Session
  • Continue Education to Improve your Portfolio
  • Photo Editing, Social Media and Online Presence
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