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Learn the Art of Perfect
Eyebrows and Lips with Our Courses

Four-week online course. Three-day intensive in-person course with practice on 4 live models. Your perfect techniques for performing Eyebrows PMU.
Small groups of up 3 people. Starter kit included.

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Four-week online course. Three-day intensive in-person course with practice on 4 live models. Your perfect techniques for performing Lips PMU.
Small groups of up 3 people. Starter kit included.

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Perfect For Your Profitable Career

Our Eyebrows and Lips Courses are designed to help you master the art of enhancing your client's natural beauty. With experienced instructors guiding you through each step, you will learn various techniques to shape eyebrows and create perfect lips for any face shape. By the end of these courses, you will have the knowledge and skills to provide your clients with flawless eyebrows and lips, giving them the confidence they deserve.

We will be a good fit for you if you are

For those who already involved in beauty industry:
add another service to your business
- upgrade your services to more expensive ones
workless hours to earn more.

For those who want to start their own business:
have a job, but dreaming of completely switching the field
- want to break the ceiling in your month to month salary
Mate maun aunschedule.
Stay at home moms:
find yourself (again) in a world of beauty and PMU
get financial independence, while still be available for your loved
-have opportunity to manage home and clients, because you make your own schedule.

Take a look at these photos and see how our courses are conducted.

Why you should study at the
Empire Beauty studio

  • 1
    You will receive separate PMU certificates for the following: powder brows, eyelashes, lip blush, remover and scar camouflage. As well as the number of hours for completing the course 120 or 190.
  • 2
    Receive Help with Licenses for Work
    You will receive help with a Tattoo Permit. You will receive help with bloodborne pathogen certification.
  • 3
    Training Materials & Mentoring
    You will have access to all the online classes for 6 months after completing the course as well as as our personal support. We are going help you to open your own business and provide a support for 6 month after completion of the class. We will accommodate extra work on the models for additional cost.

Meet the Founder & Instructor at
Empire Beauty studio

Olga Zabarova

  • Permanent makeup master licensed to teach in the US
  • Over 5000 procedures
  • Judge of the Dore Beauty Award 2021 Conference
  • Speaker of the international conference on permanent makeup WULOP 2022
  • Sponsor of the international conference on permanent makeup WULOP 2021
  • Creator of a unique technique "Softline eyebrows"
Course Overview
Intensive PMU course.
Small groups of up to 3 people.
Techniques Improvement
  • Lip Blush/Powder Eyebrows Technique
  • How to perform fluffy aerial eyebrows
  • How to spread a soft gradient on the lips
  • Depth Skin stretching technique
  • Сorrect hand movements
  • Variety and matching of needles
  • Secrets of the perfect touch
  • Gradient
Quick Sketch Drawing
  • How to build an anatomically individual sketch for each client
Color Residue After Healing
  • How to achieve maximum color
  • How to predict color
Pigment Analysis
  • Pigment Selection Color Correction
  • Master layering of pigments of two shades for a larger volume of eyebrows
  • Master layering of pigments for a larger volume of lips
Equipment and Needles Analysis
  • How to make beautiful photos for Instagram
  • Photo Editing, Social Media and Online Presence
Practice of Lips/Eyebrows Zone on Live Models
Final Exam and Certification
Prices for Eyebrows and Lips Courses
Eyebrows Course
Prepayment $ 1500
Please note, this pre-payment is not refundable
small group up to 3 people
Lips Course
Prepayment $ 1500
Please note, this pre-payment is not refundable
small group up to 3 people
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Empire Beauty Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, offers a variety of standalone professional courses, including two/three-day intensive PMU courses. These courses provide with the opportunity to learn the art of permanent makeup application in a condensed timeframe. Led by experienced instructors, the intensive PMU courses at Empire Beauty Studio are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful permanent makeup artists. Throughout the course, students will learn about different PMU techniques, such as microblading, ombre brows, and lip blush.

If you are interested in expanding your skills and offering a wider range of services to your clients, our PMU course is perfect for you. Whether you are already experienced in microblading or ombré eyebrows and want to learn how to do lip blush, or if you have mastered picroblading and want to learn how to do ombre, our course will provide you with the necessary training. The instructors at Empire Beauty Studio are committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience. They cover topics like color theory, skin anatomy, sanitation protocols, client consultation, and aftercare instructions. Additionally, students will have hands-on practice with live models, allowing them to acquire practical skills in a professional environment.

By offering two/three-day intensive PMU courses, Empire Beauty Studio caters to individuals who are looking for a fast-paced and focused learning experience. This format is especially suitable for those who have prior experience in the beauty industry or are looking to enhance their existing skills. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certification from Empire Beauty Studio, which can open up opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship in the PMU industry. The knowledge and skills gained from these intensive courses will set graduates apart as highly trained and qualified professionals in the field of permanent makeup.

Empire Beauty Studio's two/three-day intensive PMU courses are the ideal choice for individuals in Cleveland, Ohio, and beyond, who are looking to kickstart their career in the permanent makeup industry. With experienced instructors, comprehensive curriculum, and hands-on training, these courses provide a solid foundation for success in this rapidly growing field.